“Ili jesi ili nisi” / “To Be or Not to Be,” 2016, mixed media, 100x100cm

April 13 – May 14, 2017

The exhibition of artist Nikolina Ivezić (Zagreb, 1970), who is recognisable by her specific approach to contemporary subjects and materials and is often erroneously classified into categories such as Pop-Art or solely from the position of feminist art criticism, will feature thirty-five new and hitherto not exhibited works. The works have been inspired by historical figures (more or less successful women), the author’s previous preoccupations, and cycles of paintings that resulted from the artist’s life experience. Unlike the recent, the so-called “cheerful” cycle presented at the Gallery of Fine Arts in Split, we will present the so-called “cheerless” one.


“Beeee!,“ 2016, mixed media, 100×100 cm

While deliberating the selection of works, the curator and the artist have chosen the space of the cellar/lapidarium of Klovićevi Dvori Gallery for their concept; following the successful joint presentation of sculpting and painting interventions in the setup and space as part of the joint exhibition “Pop-Art Is Not Dead,” we believe that the chosen space will meet the demands of the solo presentation of the artist’s new works in best way possible. Among other things, we aim at additionally motivating the audience so they can discover – through work of Nikolina Ivezić, and in the historical space of the Gallery – new interpretations of the artwork, artistic setup, and intriguing subjects, including the specially prepared video-projection. The three-minute loop video is an ironic representation of real people in nature, who are enjoying themselves and are striving to capture the moments of happiness which they are not aware of. Therefore the catalogue and exhibition of artist Nikolina Ivezić demonstrate – by both their content (intriguing subjects) and expression (use of specific materials, techniques, iconography) – an authentic creative engagement of the author, and uncover a new approach to the historical space of Klovićevi Dvori Gallery.

“Lopov ispred Rojca” / “Thief in Front of the Rojc Centre,” 2016, mixed media, 75 x 75 cm


“Isadora Duncan”, 2016, mixed media, 90×80 (90×120) cm
“Isadora Duncan”, 2016, mixed media, 90×80 (90×120) cm

The interpretations are unrelated to stylistic or trend patterns – such as interpretations of Pop-Art and Bad Painting, or comic-book aesthetics and pin-up magazine – as the author’s paintings-reliefs are being constantly developed in matter (by using dyed laminated styrofoam with applied tin plates) and iconography (by toying with casually-drawn figures sans face, ironic interpretations, and social criticism through witty narration). The chosen concept will also contribute to the familiarisation with the complete oeuvre of the intriguing artist through emphasis on the communication of contemporary and provocative subjects to the younger and more demanding audience, alongside the inevitable witty comments of the social daily life around us.

Authors of the exhibition, setup, and catalogue: Nikolina Ivezić, Koraljka Jurčec Kos