The Genesis [September 7th – 17th 2023]

We are proud to announce the exhibition ‘Genesis’ by the jewelry designer and sculptor Nenad Sovilj, which will be open from September 7 to 17, 2023 on the ground floor of our gallery. We are extremely glad that this talented artist recognized Klovićevi dvori Gallery as a suitable space for the presentation of his latest creations. The exhibition will present Sovilj’s new jewelry collection, made out of precious metals and gemstones. It comes after numerous earlier successes in almost two decades of work (as many as 17 collections since 2005). In addition to jewelry, the author’s sculptures and mural will be exhibited, and in collaboration with ceramist and sculptor Branimir Boban, he will present a new line of porcelain.

In Genesis, the author skillfully applies and connects different styles and elements of Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods as well as traditional gold and jewelry techniques together with modern technologies and sophisticated design, all of which add (another) new dimension to his masterful artwork. With such an approach, Sovilj creates fascinating unique pieces interwoven with his vision and interpretation of ancient mythology, building a bridge between these ancient mythological stories and the modern world using archetypal symbols, with which he questions the universal aspects of various individual intimate experiences in a social context.

With Genesis, the author continues to write a new chapter of his artistic creation, deepening the themes related to nature, energy, and creation. This new phase is the result of the artist’s introspective process, during which he felt the need to investigate natural laws and the secret of genesis, which he interprets in his works by expressing the complexity of human existence and man’s position in the world. The main inspiration for this process was ancient mythology. Archetypal characters and dramatic situations greatly fascinated Sovilj: the myths and characters that appear in them reflect universal aspects of the human experience such as love, courage, loss, and the search for identity. Sovilj explored these universal themes and illustrated them in his creations.

From the text of Vesna Mihanović

The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday, September 8 at 11 a.m. The opening of the exhibition can only be attended with an invitation.

Exhibition setup:
Author of jewelry and sculptures: Nenad Sovilj
Video projection: Branimir Boban and Nenad Sovilj
Porcelain: Branimir Boban and Nenad Sovilj
Scenography and pedestal production: Nenad Sovilj
Exhibition curator: Anamarija Komesarović, Klovićevi dvori Gallery
Technical support: Dragutin Matas, Klovićevi dvori Gallery