The gallery’s Artionica opens the doors of the most interesting and creative workshops. The exhibition program of the gallery is always accompanied by art activities for children (preschool and school) and people with special needs.

Participation in art workshops must be announced at artionica@gkd.hr

Art workshops for children

Workshops for children for ages 6 to 15

When: Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Price: 5 € / 37,67 kn

For a full decade, Saturdays have been booked for our Junior Art Workshop: Artionica, tailored for our youngest. While playing, cutting, spreading, and kneading, children are satisfying their curiosity, exploring, and most importantly, developing their sense for art. Join us and discover how fun this can be!

Workshops for kindergarteners

When: can be arranged (with kindergartens)

The workshop is free of charge

What could brighten our day more than a happy child’s face? Their imagination, honesty, and spontaneity are the sources of many creative projects. The space of the Klovićevi dvori Gallery and the creative workshop for the youngest is a stimulating environment for the development of their skills and of unfettered child creativity.

Workshops for school goers

When: can be arranged with art teachers

Price: 1,5 € / 11,30 kn

The variety of Klovićevi dvori Gallery’s program, from contemporary art to heritage exhibitions, offers a wide range of topics for creative workshops, as well as the possibility of creating extracurricular classes in collaboration with art teachers. Along with informal learning and fun, we focus on the skill of observation that children can easily develop in our Gallery.

After an exhibition tour, we teach the children to create art using the same techniques and materials they saw at the exhibition, all with the help of art academy students or artists. In addition to the usual professional art tools and materials, our art room is also equipped with a ceramic pottery kiln furnace and a graphic press machine. That’s why our Artionica is the odds-on-favorite in children’s art and culture education in Zagreb.

People with special needs

When: On Tuesdays or by appointment

The workshop is free of charge

By introducing integration-type art workshops, we want to provide people with difficulties with the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Convinced that togetherness enriches everyone, we consider this program our privilege and obligation. We designed it to be open, adapted to their needs, and to ensure complete freedom of artistic expression as well as communication by showing, presenting, and interpreting works produced here. We have ensured all the necessary technical conditions for the implementation of this program.

Workshops for adults

When: Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Price per person: €6 / 45.21 kn, possibility of buying a monthly ticket: 20 € / 150,69 kn

Materials for work are provided

With no pressures or set deadlines, adult workshops offer an opportunity to free yourself from everyday obligations and to look forward to new challenges. The variety of exhibitions at the Klovićevi dvori Gallery will provide you with a wide range of topics for creative expressions that will in turn generate a new outlook on the world around us: as ever richer and deeper than our day-to-day mudanity. As Chagall once said, “I chose painting, it was as necessary for me as food, it seemed to me like a window through which I could fly to another world.” So don’t wait – follow the path of art.

[Browse through the museum’s educational booklets and catalogs of children’s works from 2002 until today]