TISJA KLJAKOVIĆ BRAIĆ – ‘Monument to a living person’, monographic exhibition

Author of the exhibition: Frano Dulibić, PhD
Exhibition curator: Valentina Bach
Exhibition opened: 9/16/2021 – 12/12/2021
Exhibition space: 1st floor

Tisja Kljaković Braić has been part of the art scene for the last twenty years. After twenty years of dedicated work, there are many reasons to present the artist through a compilation of her best and most characteristic artwork. The exhibition at the Klovićevi dvori Gallery will present her work from its initial phase of art brut painting, as well as her lyric, poetic paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

I’m not Letting Go of You, 2016. [Ne dam te, 2016.]

From the catalog:

For Tisja Kljaković Braić, as for any other painter, twenty years of artistic activity within the Croatian art scene is bound to be divided into multiple creative phases. In its beginnings, Tisja’s expression was close to that of art informel and art brut. Such paintings are characterized by a pronounced expression, which, in Tisja’s painting, takes the form of big black relief surfaces. But from 2009 onward, her paintings have become brighter and more cheerful; the big black surfaces have been replaced by white ones. What binds these phases is her stable preference for primitive forms, which can be found in both her drawings and paintings.

They, 2009 [Oni, 2009.]
With her primitivism, Tisja builds on many artistic paragons, from Paul Klee to Alberto Giacometti and Jean Dubuffet, who left significant marks on the art world. Nowadays, due to negative cultural implications, the art world looks to avoid the term ‘primitivism’ and appropriately replace it. At this point, the inevitable question arises: what is it in primitivist art forms that lures contemporary artists towards it, in a time of so many different art movements and ‘…isms’ passing us by. The answer lies in an aspiration for disassociation from the frantic chase after something new and yet unseen, and association with what is original, archetypal, primordial, and uncorrupted, that is, with the age when everything began.

Tisja has fittingly decided to paint her openness, brazenness, honesty, and humor through primitive forms, simple lines, and shapes, together with a limited color palette of mostly achromatic contrasts of black and white surfaces. The contrast is also stressed with rough wooden laths, which she paints and then glues to the canvas, but also with any kind of object or their parts. These are contrasted with the fragility and the gentleness of the characters. Tisja creates a poetic atmosphere that is familiar and comprehensible to a wide audience. That is the way Tisja’s notable and poetic world is created.

Frano Dulibić, Ph.D., the author of the exhibition


Virtual exhibition :
This virtual exhibition is a joint project of the Hungarian National Museum (Budapest) and Klovićevi dvori Gallery (Zagreb). Our goal is to present the Croatian-Hungarian cultural and historical relations in a broad and illustrative context, thus strenghtening the feeling of belonging together in the two nations. Since our common heritage of 800 years is immense, we have divided our exhibition into 8 chapters. The virtual exhibition, currently consisting of 60 objects, guides the visitor – partly chronologically and partly thematically – through representative spaces of the Hungarian National Museum: the Dome, the Ceremonial Hall and the Fireplace Hall.

View the exhibition HERE