Nevenka Arbanas – Retrospective


4 Oct. – 18 Nov. 2018

After the extensive retrospective of Academician Nives Kavurić-Kurtović, held in 2016, in 2018 we are preparing the retrospective of the Croatian graphic artist Professor Nevenka Arbanas. Inspired by the uniform quality of her spatially considered large-format graphics, by her expertise and commitment in terms of understanding the main types of visual expression (painting and graphics, sculpture and architecture), and following her work from its very beginnings, the exhibition will encompass the entire creativity of this artist who has with dedication and conscientiousness contributed to artistic, educational and professional knowledge. It will clearly document why her oeuvre is deemed of an extraordinary excellence that should be further promoted. The authors of the exhibition Academician Tonko Maroević, Academician Luko Paljetak, Nevenka Arbanas and museum advisor Koraljka Jurčec Kos have prepared a selection of works (about 350) for the retrospective exhibition, which will take place from 4 October to 18 November 2018 in the first floor of the Gallery. The selection focuses on large-format intaglio prints which emphasise the importance of the Prague and Paris cycle in the artist’s overall creative work, and will also communicate her new thoughts on the medium of graphic art, i.e., on undervalued and under recognised techniques of printmaking. Particularly important for the visual-arts public, including artists and especially art-academy and art-history students, is the exhibition’s new approach to the body of work of this graphic artist born in Batina (Beli Manastir) in 1950, documented both through artworks and by supplementing biobibliographic records already published.